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“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

Our Christian Resource Guide is a list of organizations in the Sheboygan County area that provides specific help or services for those in difficult situations. Here at St. Paul we offer Celebrate Recovery, The Gathering Place and Memory Matters, Widow’s Ministry, and Grief Share in our church building. Please view the list below to find helpful organizations that may lead you to your answers to get help or to help someone in need. We’ve also included a Resource Card that provides extra resources for the Sheboygan County community.

We also provide information about local Christian schools in the surrounding area, and a list of Parent Resources below for parents that are in need of answers to help their children grow in faith or are in difficult situations.

Love INC


Night to Shine

Celebrate Recovery

Feed My Starving Children

South Wisconsin District

The Gathering Place and Memory Matters

St. Paul Lutheran Widow′s Ministry

Grief Share

LCMS Hispanic Ministry

Sheboygan Lutheran High School

Sheboygan Area Lutheran School Resources

Scholarships are available to all members of St. Paul.

Visit the School Choice Voucher Program link to see if you might qualify for Financial Assistance

St. Paul (Sheboygan Falls) Early Childhood Center
We offer a Christian based 3-year old Preschool, 4K and Child Care for 2.5-5 year olds. Our daily program is based on developmentally appropriate activities from a Christian perspective.  The curriculum has been designed to encourage socialization, independence, creative play, readiness skills and the development of a positive self-image.  Daily activities are presented in ways that are fun, appealing to children and most importantly, based on strong Christian values.

Our curriculum follows the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) and we have a Young Star rating of 4.  Contact:  920-467-6733, or check out our page on Early Childhood Center

Trinity Lutheran School, Sheboygan
Trinity Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered education that is accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation of the LCMS. Trinity’s mission is “Making Known the Love of Christ,” and we would love for you to see how a Trinity education can positively impact your child spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. As a state voucher school with numerous scholarship opportunities, we are open to any family desiring a rigorous, faith-based education for their children. Contact: 920-458-8258 or or check us out on Facebook

 St. Paul Lutheran School, Sheboygan
The faculty and staff of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School are compelled by the love of Christ to provide children and families with a Christ-centered education, that they may live faithful lives of service to God and the community. We strive to guide each child to achieve their full academic, physical, emotional and spiritual potential. Contact: 920-452-6882 or

Bethlehem Lutheran School, Sheboygan
Bethlehem Lutheran School has been sharing God’s grace with it’s students for over 125 years. Through God’s grace and love, our congregation continues to have a love for Christian education. God has blessed us with this gift since 1890. The theme for our school is “Christian Education for Today. Christian Education for Eternity.” Contact: 920-452-5071 or

St. John Lutheran School, Plymouth
St. John Lutheran Church established its Christian day school in the fall of 1864 to provide the children of the congregation and other children of the community with a Christ-centered education. The school has grown from one teacher in one classroom to one classroom per grade, including a preschool and year-round child care program. Contact: 920-893-5114 or

St. John Lutheran School, Random Lake
St. John Ev. Lutheran Church & School was established by God for the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the mutual admonition and strengthening in the confession of the faith, the fostering of Christian education among young and old, and the extension of the kingdom of God into all the world. Contact: 920-994-2228 or

Sheboygan Area Lutheran High School (9-12)
For over 40 years, Sheboygan Lutheran High School has been dedicated to its mission of Preparing Christian Leaders – One Student at a Time. We are a school that specializes in faith-based education, values Christian leadership principles, and provides a transformational and well-rounded education taught by a caring and talented staff in a family atmosphere.  Visit  for more info or call  920-452-3323. 

Sheboygan Lutheran High School


Scholarships are available to all members of St. Paul.
If you have questions about financial assistance, please contact Nicole.

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