March 27, 2022

“The Better: Moses”

“The Better: Moses” Pastor Rob Schrader

Scripture Readings: Exodus 3:1-12

Colossians 1:13-14, 21-23

We have discontinued the Digital Bulletin. Most all of the responsive text, Bible readings, and hymn/song lyrics will be shown in the recording.

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Lutheran Service Book License 100010069 CCLI Copyright 712799 CCLI Streaming CSPL026675

OPENING HYMN “Come, Thou Bright and Morning Star” LSB 872 sts 1-4

DISTRIBUTION SONGS “Turn Your Eyes” Lemmel, Romanacce, Trout, Winebarger, Stiff Song Number: 7120053

“When Peace, Like a Riverl” LSB ___; Bliss, Spafford

“Grace Flows Down” Giglio, Bell, Padgett Song Number: 1223050

CLOSING SONG “Blessed Assurance” Crosby, Knapp Song Number: 22324