Widow’s Ministry

Widow’s Ministry

God’s Word tells us: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction”

(James 1:27a).

Having heard this command from God and knowing that Jesus has visited us to bring us hope, life, and peace when we were afflicted by sin, St. Paul’s has developed a Widow’s Ministry to reach out to this vulnerable group in order to bring to widows companionship, support, and the reassuring hope and love of Jesus.

This ministry takes place on three different levels.

  • The first is through a one-on-one connection. When a woman’s husband passes, an Ambassador from the Widow’s Ministry will contact the new widow in the hope of setting a time to visit. The Ambassador will bring a gift basket and a listening ear to the new widow. She’ll also bring the comfort of God’s Word and prayer. Through similar, regular visits, we hope to show the widow that we do care about her and hope to keep her connection to God and her church strong.
  • Second, widows are invited to take place in occasional opportunities to gather together in a large group of widows in order to socialize and enjoy time together. Third, widows are encouraged to join one of our two widow’s Small Groups where they will regularly meet with other widows to support each other and grow deeper in God’s Word.
  • Thirdly, our Widow’s ministry recognizes the fact that, with the passing of her husband, the widow’s life has been fundamentally altered, and while we understand that no two situations are alike, we also believe that the best person to connect with a new widow is an experienced widow. Even before meeting, they share a special bond. Through that, and through God’s Gospel, we hope to bring real comfort to widows in their grief and to keep them trusting in the love and hope of Jesus.

If you would like to get connected, participate in, or know more about this ministry, please contact our Church Office at (920) 467-6449.

The ministry leader is Kris Hoppe-Matthies; if you would like to be connected to her, please call our Church Office, and we will get you in touch.


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