Small Groups

Go Small at St. Paul

“I hope and pray that all people will get involved in a Small Group! They’ve had a huge impact on my faith, and I firmly believe that they will positively impact your journey as well!” -Pr. Rob

“Go Small at St Paul” and join a Small Group today! Be a part of a friendly community, grow your faith with others, and strengthen your walk with Jesus!

To sign up for a Small Group, fill out the Google Form Here

To join a Small Group

  • Contact: Pastor Rob
  • Call: 920-467-6449
  • Email:
WHAT is a Small Group?
  1. Our vision for Small Groups is that they ‘connect people to Christ’ in a culture lacking in community, truth, and direction by fostering supportive relationships focused around the discussion of God’s Word, prayer, and outreach where we live, work, and play.
  2. It’s been said that Small Groups are a community ‘where life meets truth.’ To expand on that, Small Groups are a community of 3 to 15 members who meet regularly to ‘do the Christian life deeply together.’ They walk a fine line between a Bible study and a support group; it’s biblical teaching applied to life.
  3. Small Groups members meet regularly with the goals of forming deep, meaningful relationships with each other, discussing God’s Word and applying it to each other’s lives, supporting and caring for one another, and praying together. They exist to connect Christians closer together and closer to Christ and also to connect seekers in our community to Christ and to the Church. They are safe places to share your life’s joys and struggles. They are a relaxed, non-threatening environment for Bible study.
WHO are Small Groups for?

You! And, well…everyone. Jesus Christ died and rose for all people; this message is for all people; and Small Groups teach and live this essential message. We all should be hearing it, living it, and sharing it all the time, and Small Groups offer you an avenue to do just that.

WHY join a Small Group?

Because your greatest needs are God’s gifts of forgiveness and eternal life in heaven. These amazing gifts are only received through faith. And Small Groups exist to ‘connect people to Christ’ – in other words, they strengthen this all-important faith. When you join a Small Group, you become part of an intimate community of believers who’ll encourage you in your faith, hold you accountable to your faith, spend time together in God’s Word to strengthen your faith, and work together to live out your faith through serving and evangelizing to others. When you look at it this way, participating in a Small Group is really the most important thing you can be doing!

Other Opportunities to Study God’s Word Together

Women’s Bible Study

  • Leader: Heidi Gudmundson
  • Frequency: Tuesdays Weekly (not during the summer)
  • Time: 9:00-11:00 AM *Childcare is provided, all women are welcome to join!

Men’s Bible Study

  • Leader: Pastor Rob Schrader
  • Frequency: Saturdays Bi-weekly
  • Time: 8:00-9:30 AM (usually the 2 and 4 Saturdays of the month) *All men are welcomed!

Online Small Group

  • Leader: Amber Christel
  • Frequency: Tuesdays Every-Other-Week
  • Time: 6:00 PM

Click for a list of existing Groups and their details.

For more information, check out our Small Group FAQ.

Click to Become a Small Group Leader.

Click to view our Small Group Library Resources & Materials. *Located in Room 103 Bible studies are available to check out.