The Gathering Place & Memory Place

Our Mission: To share Christ’s love in word and action with people affected by memory loss.

Enrichment Programs for Adults with Early-to Mid Memory Loss

THE GATHERING PLACE PROGRAM~ The only day program, throughout Sheboygan County, with an innovative approach for adults with memory loss. We are currently open four days a week, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30-3:30, with lunch provided.

MEMORY MATTERS PROGRAM~ We offer a 4-hour education based class for individuals with early memory loss.
This class is designed to be a proactive approach to brain health that encompasses the six elements of wellness every time we meet. 

November Giving Fundraiser:

The most important thing an organization can do is keep focused on their mission of their organization and for us that is making each day the best it can be for our participants in Memory Matters and The Gathering Place. Of course, we cannot do this without adequate funding. The November Giving Campaign is an opportunity to donate towards our programming. Whether it is towards art and crafts supplies, entertainment, outings, lunch or the scholarship program, all funds are utilized to continue our exceptional program! Please consider a donation to help us continue our unique program that helps so many!

Thank You!

Our Programs Offer:

  • A life-enriching program with activities designed around the six elements of wellness (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and community) for individuals suffering from memory-loss.
  • Caregivers, we offer you the peace of mind that your loved one will be well cared for while you catch up on chores, run errands, or just take some quiet time for yourself.
  • Keeping your brain active is key to maintain your abilities. We get our brain in gear daily at The Gathering Place:
    • Trivia
    • Word Games
    • Cards
    • IPads
    • Art as a form of expression and communication
    • Drama Clubs
    • Reading Groups
  • Fun and effective exercise class, focusing on strength and balance. We incorporate many different types of exercise, some examples are:
    • Thera band exercises
    • Lite weights
    • Grip strength
    • Drumming
    • and even Yoga
For more information about our programs please visit our website at, or call us at 920-627-6847.
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